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Alfresco Productions began modestly in 2009 when Brenda Whitaker started hosting outdoor events in the garden of her business The Garden Gate Tea Room.

The word alfresco means: outdoors, fresh air. One event led to another and before long, programs began and a true production company was born.


With Brenda’s experiences in several art forms and her background as a steelworker she understands the importance of both a strong industrial base and the arts to a community.


What followed was the formation of such programs as:

The Melting Pot – A European style open-air market showcasing a wide array of artisans and vendors. (The name was chosen for Granite City’s beginnings and it’s rich ethnic diversity.)

Blue Collar Blues – The name says it all – paying homage to her blue collar roots.

The Six Mile Sculpture Work (Before Granite City was Granite City it was known as Six-Mile) - This exciting one-week program brings artists from around the country to Granite City to make art! Art made from the same process that our steel industries use but on a more human scale.


For the next several years as these programs continued to grow, the need for a permanent space to showcase the performing arts became evident.


In 2012 The Alfresco Art Center became a reality. In this majestic structure all of the arts, performing and visual, can be experienced.


The goal of Alfresco Productions, today as it has always been, is to create, stimulate, and perpetuate the arts. 


The logo of Alfresco Productions is a tree. But the tree, if you look closely is made of people. We believe people are the roots to a great community.

The slogan along with the logo is “One generation plants the seed, the next gets the shade.”

We of Alfresco Productions aren’t creating these artistic and cultural events solely to be enjoyed today but rather to lay the groundwork and be enjoyed by the next generation as well.

 Please join us at our Alfresco Productions – “Where Art and Industry Meet” – In Granite City Illinois